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What is EPS

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The EUROPEAN PLAYING SYSTEM is an exciting new coaching method for the US Soccer community that is designed to improve the technical and tactical development of players whilst providing great FUN for ALL AGES AND ABILITIES. The EPS features  LIGHTWEIGHT SOCCER BALLS alongside an optional simple Small Sided Game program providing PLAYERS OF ALL AGES realistic practice sessions that closely resemble the real game of Soccer from a very young age.

The LIGHTWEIGHT SOCCER BALLS can be used by coaches with little or no experience to the most qualified coach. It has been used for many years in European nations where technical ability is highly valued and it’s component parts are utilized in many Professional and Academy teams particularly in countries like the Netherlands and Germany.
The result of the EPS is A FUN REALISTIC GAME ENVIRONMENT producing technical,effective players with the ability to play fast-paced, attack orientated soccer.

 "let the game be the teacher"



EPS Introduction
U18 Shooting and Goalkeeping
EPS Teaching Concept
U6,U8,U10 Shooting
U6,U8,U10 Dribbling
U6,U8,U10 Passing
U18 Dribbling
U18 Short Passing
U18 Small Sided Game

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